La’Via was started by entrepreneur and mom, Patience Greaves. This clothing company was an answer to prayers and result of smart work, determination, and tears.


Upon giving birth to her first child, Evia, Patience realized that her life no longer depended on only her but she also had an amazing beautiful baby girl to provide for as well. Not long after becoming a mother, she decided to follow her passion of fashion and enrolled in classes to become fashion designer. As she excelled and advanced in those classes her hopes of owning a successful fashion house birthed the stylish La’Via brand.


La’Via is a brand focused on the comfort and and confidence of its customers not only in fashion but in social issues of the world in which La’Via is always making an awareness of. The clothing of La’Via is centered around the funky, fun, and playful nature of African fabrics that encourages boldness, creativity, and individuality. From such source many modern designs are incorporated.